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The Truth of Being (Pamphlet)

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This not to be missed writing is a compilation of two of Joel Goldsmith’s “recommended chapters.” “Love Thy Neighbor,” the first essay, is a chapter from the book Practicing the Presence. Taking as its premise the principle that Love is the law of God, and God and all individuals are one, the author writes, “When we see God as the cause and our neighbor as that which is in and of God, then we are loving our neighbor whether that neighbor appears as a friend, relative, enemy, animal, flower, or stone.”

Part two of this writing, “The Relationship of Oneness,” is one of the most important chapters of all the Infinite Way writings. “Your world and mine is an outpicturing of our consciousness: When that consciousness is imbued with truth, our universe expresses harmony, orderliness, prosperity, joy, peace, power, and dominion; when there is an absence of truth in our consciousness—an acceptance of world values and world beliefs—then our world takes on the complexion of the chance, change, and luck characteristic of world belief. All conditions reflect the activity of the consciousness of the individuals concerned.” In this essay, the reader has guidance about how to apply principles of the Infinite Way in specific life situations. These two chapters encapsulate the whole of the Infinite Way message as it applies to relationships and to expressing love to family, neighbors, the community, so-called enemies, and the world.


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