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Welcome to Acropolis Books. We have one focus: to publish, preserve, and perpetuate the mystical classics of Joel Goldsmith. Since 1993, we have been the publisher of record for most of Goldsmith’s print books. Now we are honored to have the exclusive worldwide e-publishing rights to the entire library of Goldsmith books, allowing us to better serve all who seek a way to higher consciousness.

We at Acropolis Books want to share our gratitude for you, our readers; your loyalty, dedication, and commitment to the living way of Truth is a light to all whose lives you touch. This month, in acknowledgement of our shared worldwide experience that can appear, in Joel’s words, “nerve-shattering,” we will be sharing one chapter a week here on our website. Each chapter will be a beautiful, downloadable PDF, taken from a variety of Joel’s books. We post these with our love and gratitude. Click here to download.

What’s New

Acropolis Books announces The Government of Eden, an extraordinary compilation of Joel Goldsmith’s classwork focused on areas of deep concern today, including government, politics, and voting.

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