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What Slows Our Spiritual Progress? (Pamphlet)

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This essay was originally presented as a session in the 1959 Chicago Open Class. In this talk, it is as if Joel Goldsmith had stepped down from the dais to come nearer to the room full of attendees to talk to each, personally, one on one. He says, “The main thing that disturbs me in my travels around the world meeting Infinite Way students and talking to them, is the slow progress they are making.” He continues: “Now in these years of travel, teaching, I think that I have glimpsed some of the reasons that our progress is so slow, and I would say the major reason is that we have not emptied ourselves of our former concepts of truth, and that we are trying to add to what we already know, something that is going to be the Messiah or Savior or healing principle.” This declaration by their teacher may have startled the students in attendance.  However the specific instruction and guidance presented in this essay are a timeless wakeup call.

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