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Protection (Pamphlet)

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Protection is one of the writings highly recommended by Joel Goldsmith. This essay originally appeared as a chapter in the book The 1955 Letters, but stands alone as a thorough and illuminating study of what it means to live fully in the dimension of spiritual awareness. In the material world, “protection” summons up images of defensive armor or offensive weaponry to be taken up against innumerable outside forces or situations. Always, the question is, how to find protection against these outside forces?

Goldsmith lays out a wholly new consideration of protection: “In The Infinite Way we have learned that God is One: therefore, God is one power, and we live in that conscious Oneness.” With that cornerstone of spiritual life, what does protection mean to the spiritual seeker? That important subject is the theme of this essay. The author describes a way of life that is a constant turning within to know the truth of being. He writes, “As we consciously bring ourselves back, day after day, day after day, to the actual awareness of God as Infinite Being, God manifesting and expressing Itself as our individual being, we understand more fully that all power flows out from us, through us, as a benediction and blessing to the world, but that no power acts upon us from without our own being.”

If readers were to have this one essay alone for study, they would have the whole of The Infinite Way teaching.

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