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Metaphysical Healing (Pamphlet)

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In his many years, first as a Christian Science practitioner, and then leaving that, travelling the world expounding the message of The Infinite Way, Joel Goldsmith never wavered from the principles and the practice of spiritual healing. In this essay, he writes, “we bind ourselves by believing there is a power outside of us—power for good or for evil. All power is given to you. And this power is always good because of the infinite source from whence it flows.” He goes on to write, “Whenever you are faced with a problem, regardless of its nature, seek the solution within your own consciousness.” The author maintains that the failure to heal resides in mis-knowledge about God and about individual being. The revelations in this essay bring to light a new understanding of the individual as infinite, spiritual consciousness. With that key understanding as a foundation, Goldsmith lays out, step by step, the way of spiritual healing.


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