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Meditation and Prayer (Pamphlet)

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Written with clarity and depth, “Meditation” addresses the questions of how to meditate and why to meditate. From first waking in the morning, carrying on through the day into evening, Joel Goldsmith teaches that it is essential that a spiritual student take time away from the daily routine to contact the Spirit within. “The grace of God which we receive in these periods of meditation or prayer becomes tangible to us in the fulfilling of our so-called human needs.”

The author writes in “Prayer,” “Communion with God is true prayer.” In prayer—not the beseeching prayer to get something from some far-off God, but true communion—the individual finds that indeed, the kingdom of God is within his or her very own being. As spiritual seekers move away from a prayer that attempts to get God to do something for them or their loved ones, they find “it is our conscious awareness of the oneness of Being—the oneness of Life, Mind, Truth, Love—that results in answered prayer.”


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