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Love and Gratitude (Pamphlet)

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Love and Gratitude is a compilation of two noted essays by the author.  The first essay uncovers secrets of Love and how readers may experience love flowing from and to them in all areas of their lives. Exploring the many dimensions of Love—as supply, as forgiveness, as the Source, as outward expression—the author affirms that in order to experience and express Love it is necessary to come into a new understanding of Love and its source. The author emphasizes that individuals do not have the capacity to “be more loving.” Rather, “There remains but one way to bring peace on earth and that is through spiritual means.” As individuals begin to practice the principles of divine Love, they become as a “sun” of Love touching their entire universe.

The essay, “Gratitude” was a divine impartation received by the author and shared with others. Here the principles are presented with a vitality that invites in-depth study. “Gratitude has a meaning far beyond the word gratitude itself, or even any idea connected with gratitude. It goes deep into the reality of being.” Like the essay on Love, Goldsmith opens facets of gratitude which are at the heart of the deepest universal spiritual principles. “The infinity of good must unfold from within you, through you, to the world.” This is a booklet that may well be carried in purse or pocket until well worn.


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