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The Fourth Dimension of Life (Pamphlet)

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In this excerpt from the outstanding “Thunder of Silence” talk, which remains among the most profound of Joel Goldsmith’s teachings, he writes, “There comes a point in your experience when you are not solely you—but in which you are conscious of a Presence within.” What the author unfolds in this talk is not a mystical cloud nine expectation that is available to the few who are called.  Rather, he presents how to attain the higher dimension and details very practical steps that living in this realm requires in day to day life. This is a message that is as accessible to readers as it is profound. “Do you see?” the author exclaims, “There is a Spirit in you; there is a divine Spark which we call the Christ, which lifts you into the Fourth Dimension of life—into a state of Consciousness in which you do not live by personal efforts, personal will or wisdom, or even personal health—in which you find yourself empowered from within, from the Kingdom of your own being.”

This small book is a loving and compelling invitation to all to come into the fulfillment of their true being.


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