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Business and Salesmanship (Pamphlet)

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In these two essays, the author breaks down the myths about business and salesmanship, myths that include good business seasons and bad, dependence on the economy and getting an edge on one’s competition. He emphasizes that business and salesmanship are divine ideas, and limitations appear only when individuals believe that they are separate and apart from the divine source of their good. “The beginning of our understanding, or the starting point is this: there is but one Mind, and this Mind is the Mind of individual man. Therefore, the Mind of the buyer is the Mind of the seller; the Mind of the customer is the Mind of the storekeeper; the Mind of the designer, the manufacturer, the wholesaler, retailer and ultimate consumer is one and the same Mind, the only Mind individually expressed.” This essay was ahead of its time when first published and is still ahead of its time.  It is of particular use for anyone providing services to the public.


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