How to Use the Index of Books

The Index of Books is a cross-referenced index of the chapter titles and chapter sub-titles in all Joel Goldsmith’s books published through 2009. To access the Index, click on the “Index of the Books” link on the right.

The Index is one section of A Compendium of Joel S. Goldsmith’s Infinite Way Writings and Tape Recordings, compiled by Denice Jutras and available here.

How to Read the Index

• Chapter titles are shown in all CAPITAL letters. Chapter subtitles are in upper and lower case.

• The title of the book in which the chapter title or subtitle appears is in italics. The number following the book title is the chapter where the title or subtitle appears. The Index only gives chapter numbers, not page numbers.

• If a semicolon (;) appears in the listing, start reading the entry after the semicolon. Read up to the comma just before the book title, and then “wrap” to the beginning of the line. For example, in this entry:

“Abides in Consciousness of the Presence; The Unconditioned Mind, The Journey Back to the Father’s House: 11”

start reading after the semicolon up to the comma: “The Unconditioned Mind…” Then “wrap” to the beginning of the line: “The Unconditioned Mind Abides in the Consciousness of the Presence.” Since this entry is in upper and lower case letters, it refers to a subtitle. This subtitle appears in The Journey Back to the Father’s House, Chapter 11.

• This entry:

“ABOVE THE PAIRS OF OPPOSITES; LIVING, A Parenthesis in Eternity: 27”

is in all capital letters, so it refers to a chapter title. Again, begin reading after the semicolon up to the comma: “LIVING…” Then “wrap” to the beginning of the line: “LIVING ABOVE THE PAIRS OF OPPOSITES.” The chapter title “LIVING ABOVE THE PAIRS OF OPPOSITES” is the title of Chapter 27 in A Parenthesis in Eternity.

• When the title of a book is listed in the Index, it is also shown in all CAPITAL letters, followed by “ – Published [date of publication].” For example, the entry:


indicates that the book The Contemplative Life was published in 1963.

• The book Consciousness Transformed is a book of Joel’s 1963/1964 Hawaii Hotel Talks, and lists the contents by the date of the talk. References to this book provide a date after the book title instead of a chapter number. For example:

GRACE; LESSONS ON, Consciousness Transformed: 08-11-63

To find this talk in the book, look in the table of contents for the date August 11, 1963.

• You can scroll through the entire Index, but to move quickly to the section for a specific letter of the alphabet, use the tabs at the top of the page. For example, if you wanted to find entries on “Soul,” click on “S.” This brings you to the start of entries that begin with “S,” and you can quickly scroll to “Soul.” To return to the top of the Index, you can use the scroll bar or simply click on the convenient “Back to Top” box at the bottom right of your screen.

The Index of Books as a Study Tool

• The Index is most helpful for finding places in the books where Joel addresses a specific topic. If you are using e-books, once you know a specific book, you can use the “search” function on your e-reader to go directly to a subtitle. If you are using print books, simply scan the chapter to find the subtitle.

• The Index is a treasure trove for browsing. By scrolling through the Index, you will find entries that pique your interest or resonate with you. You may find topics that you never knew Joel addressed, or topics that have been of interest to you, but which you may never have seen in the books you have read.

• Joel recommended that to fully understand a topic, we should go through the books, find all the chapter titles and subtitles that relate to that topic, and read and study them. This Index makes it easy for you to study in that way.

How to Search the Index of Books

• When you use the “search” box in the upper right hand corner on the Acropolis website, the search results will show the website pages on which the search term appears, but it does not highlight the instances of the search term on those pages.  The best way to search the Index of Books is to use the search function on your browser.

• For example, if you use Internet Explorer:

  • Access the Index to Books on the Acropolis site.
  • While on the Index page, enter Ctrl+F, or click on “Edit” in the navigation bar, and then select “Find on this page.”
  • The “Find:” box will appear.
  • Enter your search term in the “Find:” box.
  • The matches will be highlighted.
  • Use “Next” and “Previous” to view the highlighted matches.

Other browsers will have similar search functions.