How do I read an e-book?

To read an e-book, you can:

1. Use a specialized e-reader device. Goldsmith e-books are available for

E-readers come in several sizes and styles. All have wireless communications that allow the retailer to deliver your e-book directly to your e-reader. Once the book has been delivered to your device, you simply select the book from your e-reader menu and start reading.

2. Get free e-reader software for devices you already own such as:

  • Personal computers using Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac software
  • Tablet computers such as iPad, Android, and Windows tablets
  • SmartPhones, such as BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, and Windows phones.

Amazon and Barnes and Noble offer free e-reader software for these devices. For more information, click on either of these links:

Note: e-books purchased from Apple can only be read on Apple devices and Mac computers.

You can have your e-reader software and your e-books on more than one device, so you can read on an e-reader while sitting in your favorite chair, or on your computer at your desk, or on your smartphone when your other devices are not available.