How did Acropolis produce the e-books?

Acropolis Books worked with a highly reputable, professional book conversion company that uses a meticulous process to do the conversion.  First, they cut the spine off a copy of the most recent print book so that they have individual pages.  Next, they scan those pages with a super-high resolution scanner.  Then they use three (3) different ‘optical character recognition’ (OCR) software packages to convert the scanned images to text.  A specialized software package then compares the three text versions.  If the comparison software finds a difference in the versions, it either selects the option that appears in two of the three versions, or it flags the word in question for review by a human proofreader, or both.  Human proofreaders then resolve any issues that have been flagged.

Once the conversion company had generated their best version of the e-books, they sent them to Acropolis Books.  We thoroughly reviewed them again, using visual scanning and spell check and grammar check software to validate the accuracy of the converted book.

Acropolis has made every effort to ensure that the e-book versions reflect the print books as perfectly as possible.  However, we know that even with this very rigorous process, a few errors are bound to occur, and so we are most appreciative when readers call these to our attention.  From time to time, we do have the opportunity to correct errors in the e-books, and when we do so, we will incorporate the feedback we get from readers.