About Acropolis Books

During his active ministry from 1946 through 1964 Joel Goldsmith brought through the message presented by Jesus Christ 2000 years ago. Joel’s message was called The Infinite Way and reintroduced with contemporary clarity, a message of immense value to those who are prepared for it and equally dedicated to studying and working with it. The deepening level of individual consciousness that results is a testimony to the legitimacy and value of Goldsmith’s timeless work.

Although several hundred thousand of Joel Goldsmith’s books have been sold over the years, by the early 1990s some of the original publishers of these books were allowing them to go out of print, depriving the world of one of the most special spiritual gifts ever received. In 1993, Acropolis Books was inwardly directed and guided to preserve and perpetuate of the work of Joel S. Goldsmith, and made the commitment to ensure that all of Joel Goldsmith’s books would continue to be available for those interested in his message. Acropolis also introduced eleven new books never before professionally published. These activities were possible only through the tireless and faithful dedication of many Infinite Way students.

Technological evolution has now brought forth e-publishing and e-books, allowing greater simplicity in production and distribution for publishers and providing improved economy and flexibility for readers. Acropolis realized the importance and advantage of making Joel’s books available in the new e-formats to ensure that this treasure of mystical writings will be available to truth students for many years to come. In 2012 Acropolis entered into an agreement with the estate of Joel S. Goldsmith to become the exclusive worldwide publisher of the entire library of Joel’s books as e-books. We are deeply appreciative of the estate’s ongoing confidence in the ability of Acropolis to carry out this most sacred undertaking.

Acropolis Books took on the e-book conversion process with the clear intent to not only preserve and perpetuate the availability of Joel’s books, but to additionally ensure that the integrity and consciousness of the printed books were maintained in the e-books. We trust you will find that these e-books deliver the same quality and beauty in their presentation as their printed counterparts.

Acropolis also reconstructed its website to provide a single web location where truth seekers can now find the complete library of Joel Goldsmith’s published books in both print and e-formats, together with extensive information about each book and about the message of The Infinite Way. Once again, Grace raised up dedicated Infinite Way students to assist in this e-book conversion process and website reconstruction.

Michael Krupp is the President of Acropolis Books, and has been a devoted student of Joel Goldsmith and the Infinite Way for many years. Acropolis Books has a staff of dedicated Infinite Way students, who share the Acropolis commitment to preserve the Goldsmith books.

To contact Acropolis Books, please send us a message. We welcome your e-mail, and will respond as soon as possible.

Other Publishers for Joel Goldsmith Books

We are sometimes asked about Goldsmith books that appear on retailer web sites from other publishers. Acropolis Books and DeVorss are the publishers who currently hold legal rights from the copyright holder to publish Joel Goldsmith’s print books, and Acropolis Books alone holds the rights to publish Goldsmith e-books. These publishers take great care to ensure that the print books or e-books are true to the originally published versions. If you are uncertain about a specific publisher, you may want to contact that publisher to inquire about the basis for their publishing rights.

Resource for Tape Recording References

On the Book Detail page for each of Joel Goldsmith’s books, we have provided a listing of the chapter titles in that book as well as a listing of the class recordings that were used to prepare each chapter. Our source material for the listings of recordings is the monumental labor of love titled A Compendium of Joel S. Goldsmith’s Infinite Way Writings and Tape Recordings, compiled by Denice Jutras. The Compendium is available in our shop here.