Joel Goldsmith Electronic Library Search


The Joel Goldsmith Electronic Library Search is a marvelous support tool for in-depth study of Joel Goldsmith’s Infinite Way message. You can search for any word or phrase in the complete database of Joel Goldsmith books written in English.  A search tool can be immensely helpful for studying a specific topic such as forgiveness, prayer, mind, body, healing, relationships or supply, or for finding a specific reference such as the story behind Joel’s use of the term “white poodle,” or the story of the lost baggage, or the astounding story about Joel meeting his friend in Cairo. If you want to know what Joel had to say about Buddha, Mohammed, Nanak, Paul, John, or other mystics, the search tool will show you where he wrote about them in the books.  In other words, the search tool allows you to customize your study of Joel’s work.

The search results provide a list of the book titles in which the search term appears, together with excerpts from the book chapters showing the context for each instance of the search term. Search results can be filtered by a specific book to show only the instances of the search term in that particular book.

Print and Video Instructions

Acropolis has prepared complete, illustrated instructions for using the Electronic Library Search Tool, which you can read online or print for reference. These instructions are designed to meet the needs of both novice and experienced users. Users who are experienced with search tools can simply review the Table of Contents and go directly to any topic of interest. In the electronic version of the Table of Contents, the entries are hyperlinks to that section of the instructions. Users who are new to search tools can peruse the text and the many illustrations to get as much information as they need.

To watch a video demonstration of the search tool, click here. 

Whether you have a great deal of experience with search tools or you are a novice, Acropolis recommends that you at least scan the written instructions or watch the video demo, because every search tool has its idiosyncrasies. Understanding how this particular search tool works will help you get the most from your searches.

Questions and Feedback

Acropolis makes best efforts to respond to user feedback and optimize the search tool within the limitations of the search tool software. Please let us know about your experience with the search tool by completing our short survey or by sending us an email. You can use the links that appear at the top of each search page in the bullet that says, “Questions? Feedback? Contact us by EMAIL or take our SURVEY.”

To view, download, or print the written Instructions, click here.  
To access the electronic library search tool, click here.