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Joel Goldsmith Pamphlets Republished

Acropolis Books is extremely pleased to announce that in cooperation with the Estate of Joel Goldsmith and Mystics of the World, we have re-published 19 pamphlets by Joel Goldsmith.

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While the precious content of each pamphlet has been preserved, a new graphic layout and cover design refresh and harmonize the entire collection. Joel often said that the pamphlets were a gentle way to introduce people to spiritual truth and to the message of The Infinite Way.  These new publications serve that same purpose today.

This series of pamphlets is a treasure.  For those unfamiliar with Joel Goldsmith’s message, each one offers an inspiring look at some aspect of his teaching, and invites the reader to see a way of life that can bring peace, freedom from discord, and the fullness of joy.  For those already on a spiritual path, the pamphlets are valued reminders of how to turn within and attune to a higher state of consciousness in which the harmony of heaven is manifest on earth.

To view the pamphlets:

  • Go to the “SHOP” page. The pamphlets appear in the list of books.
  • Click on the image to see the details about that pamphlet.

To view only the pamphlets (and no other books):

  • Go to the “SHOP” page.
  • At the top right of the page, in the “SORT BY” box, click the down arrow.
  • Click on “Pamphlets.”  Only the pamphlets will be displayed.

Acropolis extends deepest gratitude to all those who were involved in bringing this very meaningful project to fruition.

2018 Contemplations Calendar Now Available

Contemplations 2018 Calendar coverThe Contemplations calendar for 2018 is now available for purchase.  This new edition features inspirational quotations for contemplation and reflection from Joel Goldsmith’s compelling and insightful book Consciousness Is What I Am.  Compiled from Joel’s illumined classes on the subject of consciousness, Consciousness Is What I Am takes the reader on an engaging spiritual journey through the many aspects of consciousness to the realization that the real man is not the physical body, but the Consciousness that governs it.

This spiral-bound, 52-week desk calendar provides a thought-provoking quotation for each week from Consciousness Is What I Am.  Exquisite photography and artwork complement the quotations, and space is provided for journaling and personal reflections.

Acropolis Books has added a special new feature to the 2018 edition of Contemplations.  The calendar includes a complimentary bonus booklet of Chapter 9, “The Issues of Life Are in Consciousness,” from Consciousness Is What I Am.  This pocket-sized booklet provides an extended sampling of the deep spiritual wisdom in that book.   

Contemplations 2018 makes a superb, thoughtful, and inspirational gift, either by itself or together with the book Consciousness Is What I Am.

Acropolis extends its deepest gratitude to Diane Doheny and her team, who once again have provided a beautiful, inspiring calendar that unites in Spirit all who turn to it each day.

Extraordinary News!!  First Ever Joel Goldsmith Electronic Library Search Tool

Does this scenario sound familiar?  You think of something you read in one of Joel’s books, and you want to find it.  But where is it?  You try to remember.  You look in a few books.  But you can’t locate it.

How wonderful it would be to have a way to find what you are looking for in a matter of seconds…

Now there is a way to do that!

Acropolis Books is thrilled to announce that we have created the first ever Joel Goldsmith Electronic Library Search. This new tool is available NOW on this website.  It is a marvelous, user-friendly search tool that enables you to search for any word or phrase in the complete database of all 49 Joel Goldsmith books written in English, and to view the search results in context.

If you are looking for a specific reference such as the story of the white poodle, the lost baggage, or the snake and the rope, you can find it easily with the search tool.  If you want to study what Joel said about forgiveness, love, the conditioned mind, Soul, meditation, illusion, or anything else, the search tool will put that information at your fingertips.  If you are curious about what Joel had to say about mystics such as Buddha, Mohammed, Jacob Boehme or Lao Tze, or what he thought about the Advaita teaching, just search for those topics and you will find all the places in the entire collection of Joel’s books where he mentioned them.

The search tool opens a whole new dimension for serious study of Joel’s message. 

You can access the search tool from the Home page by mousing over “Resources” in the menu at the top of the page and selecting “Electronic Library Search,” or clicking on “Search Tool” in the box at the upper right of the page.

2 options

Of course you can just dive in right away and use the search tool.  However, Acropolis has prepared complete, clear, user-friendly instructions that explain the unique features of this particular search tool and how to interpret the search results.  To get the most from your searches, we strongly recommend that you at least scan the instructions before using the search tool.

Acropolis extends deepest gratitude and appreciation to all those who were involved in this project.  We trust that this extraordinary study tool will be a blessing to all truth seekers who want to explore and study the remarkable message of truth that is The Infinite Way.