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Acropolis Publishes Four New Spanish Translations

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Acropolis Books is extremely pleased and delighted to announce the publication of four new Spanish translations of Joel Goldsmith books.  Translations for these books are now available throughout the world as e-books from Amazon.  Acropolis chose the e-book format primarily because it provides convenient, expedited delivery with no shipping costs.  The four new Spanish translations are:

  • El Arte de la Curación Espiritual (The Art of Spiritual Healing)
  • El Arte de la Meditación (The Art of Meditation)
  • Interpretación Espiritual de las Escrituras (Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture)
  • El Yo, Místico (The Mystical I)

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Details about each book and links for purchasing the books are available on the SHOP page for Spanish books.  On that “SHOP” page, simply click on the cover image for a book to see full information about that book.

Acropolis has made best efforts to ensure that these translations are not only accurate, but also capture the spirit of The Infinite Way message.  We are deeply grateful to all those who participated in this translation project, which extends the reach of Joel’s inspiring mystical message.

 Acropolis Publishes The Easter Letters

Acropolis Books is pleased to announce the publication of The Easter Letters, just in time for the upcoming Easter season.Easter Message - cover4

The Easter Letters comprises ten of Joel Goldsmith’s monthly Infinite Way Letters, each of which beautifully commemorates the mystery and majesty of Easter.  The Easter holy day reveals the attainment of full Christhood by the Master Jesus, and in these Letters, Goldsmith seems to step from behind the dais and sit down with the reader who seeks this ascension above material sense. With warmth and clarity, he lays out the steps in the form of a concise outline entitled, “What the Infinite Way Reveals.”  Using that blueprint as a guide, the book brings into sharp focus the life of the Master Jesus, and provides powerful instruction and revelation about the living Easter experience that happens day by day in the life of every truth-seeker.

The Easter Letters guides and inspires. It invites readers to consciously experience and embrace the ever-expanding life of birth, death (dying to concepts), and resurrection welling up within every living moment.  It is a true celebration of Easter, and offers an inspiring set of contemplations and reflections for the Lenten season.

The Easter Letters (print version) is currently available for pre-order on Amazon.   It will also be available shortly from DeVorss.  To see the full details about this book, click here.

Acropolis Books extends deepest gratitude to all those involved in the preparation and publication of this collection of Letters.