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Acropolis Books and Mystics of the World Enter an Agreement


Michael Krupp of Acropolis Books and Denice Jutras of Mystics of the World are pleased to announce an agreement between the two companies relating to the work of Joel Goldsmith.   The intent of the agreement is to ensure that the valuable Goldsmith material currently provided by Mystics of the World will be preserved for future generations of truth seekers.

Under the agreement, Acropolis Books, in cooperation with the Estate of Joel Goldsmith, will begin publication of the printed materials currently available through Mystics of the World.

The publishing migration of these materials will happen gradually over time.  Once Acropolis announces the release of the Acropolis edition of a specific work, Mystics of the World will no longer offer that work.  Acropolis will make that work available through the authorized retailers linked to the Acropolis Books website.

The popular pamphlets by Joel Goldsmith are the first materials to be re-published by Acropolis Books, and Acropolis will publish these titles in July, 2017:

  • Supply
  • Metaphysical Healing
  • Meditation and Prayer
  • Business and Salesmanship
  • Ye Are the Light
  • The Real Teacher and the Seven Steps
  • Truth
  • The Secret of the Twenty-Third Psalm
  • Love and Gratitude
  • I Am the Vine
  • The Deep Silence of my Peace
  • The Fourth Dimension of Life
  • Contemplative Meditation with Scripture
  • The Easter of Our Lives
  • A Lesson to Sam

Once published, the pamphlets can be ordered by using the links on the Acropolis Books website or by going directly to amazon.com.

Both companies look forward to this collaboration in the spirit of serving all those interested in studying The Infinite Way message.