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Wonderful News!!  The Electronic Library Search Tool Now Includes Transcripts!

Acropolis Books is exceptionally pleased to announce that in partnership with Sue and Vic Ropac at The Infinite Way Office, we have expanded the database for the Joel Goldsmith Electronic Library Search Tool to include the transcripts of all of Joel’s classes.  Adding the transcripts to the search database is a tremendous enhancement and opens new vistas for working with Joel’s message.

The search tool now provides three options:

1. Search books only
2. Search transcripts only
3. Search both books and transcripts


The upgraded search tool can be accessed from the home page on the Acropolis Books website AND from the home page on the JoelGoldsmith.com website (www.joelgoldsmith.com).  Instructions for using the search tool have been updated to include the new options and are available from any search tool page.

Acropolis is extremely delighted to offer the expanded search tool, and we trust that you will find it to be of great value.

Acropolis extends deep gratitude and appreciation to those who were involved in this project.  Their extraordinary efforts are a blessing to all spiritual seekers who want to explore and study the remarkable mystical message of The Infinite Way.

To explore the expanded search tool, click here.