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Contemplations 2016 Calendar

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Contemplations is a 52-week, spiral-bound engagement calendar for 2016. It features inspirational quotations for contemplation and reflection from The Heart of Mysticism by Joel Goldsmith.

The Heart of Mysticism is the collection of monthly Letters that Joel Goldsmith sent to his students from 1955 through 1959. Each letter was a lesson in spiritual living and provided guidance for applying the spiritual principles of The Infinite Way in daily life. Goldsmith considered his monthly letters to be a vital link with his students, in which he could communicate the deepest experiences that arose during his ongoing class work. He once said, “There is nothing more precious in our entire library than the Infinite Way Letters.”

The selected quotations from The Heart of Mysticism used in the calendar are presented with beautiful nature photographs taken by Infinite Way students. Even if you use an electronic calendar, Contemplations can serve as a touchstone for daily spiritual refreshment.

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