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Contemplations 2017 Calendar

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Contemplations 2017

After a tremendously positive response to the 2016 calendar, Acropolis Books is pleased to announce the publication of the Contemplations calendar for 2017. The new calendar features inspirational quotations for contemplation and reflection from The Foundation of Mysticism by Joel Goldsmith.

The Foundation of Mysticism presents the core principles of spiritual healing as taught by Joel Goldsmith in 1959, in a series of 20 deep and inspiring classes for students who had come to Hawaii from around the world. Joel conducted these classes expressly to clarify the healing principles and re-establish their importance to The Infinite Way.

The calendar provides a daily spiritual prompt as well as journal pages for your personal reflections. The quotations are complemented by exquisite photographs and artwork depicting the many beauties of the Hawaiian Islands, where Joel gave these important classes. The images in the calendar capture the “Aloha Spirit” that is evident in Joel’s writings and that permeates the atmosphere in the Kailua area on Oahu, where Joel received the revelations that were expressed in these classes.

Contemplations makes a wonderful gift, either by itself or together with The Foundation of Mysticism.

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